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Abstract Paint Canvas



1.  Canvas of your choosing

2.  Assortment of Arcrylic paints

3.  Duct Tape

4.   Foam Brushes

1. ​Tape


Place the tape onto the canvas to create unique and interesting patterns.


Push down the edges really well, otherwise the paint can seep underneath the tape.  (see image) 


Don't forget, when you take the paint off, everwhere the paint is will be white.  

2. Paint

Paint your canvas any way you want!  


We used foam brushes.  Be sure to clean them very well before changing colors.

3. Peel the tape

Once the paint is tacky, you can start peeling off the tape.  


Remove the tape slowly and carefully, cleaning up any areas where paint may have seeped in as you go along.  (Just use a damp paper towel to wipe off the unwanted paint)

4. Enjoy!


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