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Spray Paint Cake Plate Stand




Base (Candle Stick, tea cup, votive holder, bud vase etc)

E6000 Glue

Spray Enamel

Spray Paint

Painters Tape

cake plate
cake plate
1. ​Choices...
Take Plate and Base (Candle Stick) and decide how you will be decorating your plate, if at all 

(If you are not decorating it, go from step 2 to step 6)

2. Clean

​​Wipe the back of the plate clean with alchol.  This is to remove any finger prints.  Wherever your finger prints are, the spray paint will not adhere properly, and will leave a mark on your work.

3. Tape
Use the painters tape to tape off the areas you do not want covered in paint.  Again, do this on the back of the plate.  
4. Spray


Using light even coats, spray the back of the plate with your desired color.  let the coats dry, and do several until you get the coverage you would like.


Peel off the painters tape

5. Spray Enamle

Once the paint is dry, several coats of spray enamle will seal and protect it.  


I used Rustolem Clear Coat

6.  Base


Place a heavy bead of E6000 around the rim of the candle stick and affix to the center of the plate.  


Let dry for 24 hours and enjoy!




Do not submerge in water, do not put in dishwasher.

Lightly was with a damp cloth.


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