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DIY Wine Cork Trivets / Hot Plates

Wine Trivit


1.  4 3/4" x 4 /34" piece of wood

2.  18 Wine Corks (no synthetics)

3.  Tube of Liquid Nails

4.   Rubber Feet

5.  A small amount of arcrylic paint for edges

Paint the edges
1. ​Paint the Edges


Paint the edges of the wood any color you desire. This is to ensure the finsihed trivet will have edges that look more polished.

Arrange corks so they cover
2. Arrange

Arrange your corks to the pattern you prefer.  


If desired for your design, you can cut the corks easily by boiling for a few moments, and then slicing with a serated knife.  (I did not cut any of my corks)

spread glue on backer
3. Glue

Squeeze the liquid nails onto the wood backing and spread into a even layer with a plastic knife.

place corks down
4. Secure

Place your corks onto the glued surface.  Then place something heavy on top of the trivet.


The glue will set in 1 hour, and will cure in 8.

Gift wrap
finished wine cork trivet
5. Wrap with Ribbon

Add rubber feet to keep trivet from slipping while in use.  


Wrap around a bottle of wine with a pretty piece of ribbon and gift as a great holiday or hostess gift!

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