We Be Bloggin'

After many years, and a couple of jabs from friends, I decided it is time to start blogging.

Dymant Designs is my passion, my business, and my joy. We are dedicated to fun and functional living where the things you think look adorable, also serve a specific purpose.

Here you will find information about the classes and parties that we offer, tutorials for some great projects, a calendar with our most up to date whereabouts, and a link to our Etsy site where you can check out the cool projects we have worked on.

My goal with this blog is to meet new people, and share the fun and excitement that I have for what we do. Please poke around the blog and website. Share as much as you would like, but if you are going to use any of our info in a blog post of your own, please just link back to us and give credit where credit is due. Conversely, if you see an image here that belongs to you, and is missing a credit, please let me know. I do my best to point credit where it belongs!