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About Dymant Designs

We are women owned and operated. Our products are produced from sustainable wood and strive to leave the smallest footprint on our environment while creating unique fun and functional products for you and your customers. 

Brand Values


Woman owned

eco- friendly

not on amazon

What's in a name

Is it Diamond? Dymantee? Dinamite? Dymint, Dymond...

No, it is Dymant.  

Through the years people have joked that I could have picked an easier name. They are right, I could have picked an easier one, but no way I could have picked a better one.

Dymant Designs is named after my late Grandfather, Sam Dymant. He immigrated to America after WWII with his twin brother and only a few dollars to share between them.  My Grandfather worked three jobs to provide for his family.  I remember him coming home with his hands covered in grit from his long days on the job.  He would immediately scrub his hands with "Goop" letting the stress of the day go down the drain.  The smell of that strange soap brings me back to how he taught us all the value of hard work, dedication, and family. 

The Dymant Designs makers space started in my Grandfathers old workshop.  I spent hours down "here" as a kid learning and watching him create.  As I look around this room it brings me back to how fascinated I was by his ability to make things - as he made anything from an elaborate doll house to a simple flashlight in no time, from seemingly nothing.  It was magic.

As time has gone on, Dymant Designs has out grown my grandfathers old workshop.  It now has a home better suited for all the fun projects we deliver.  But his mark and values are still engraved into every piece we create.

So say it with me... Dy-man-t.  <3
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